Friday, 9 October 2009

Home made Jewelery

Here are the home made jewelery I have made for Christmas, the top 3 are for presents, the angel earrings are a present also, the other earrings are for me and the broach.
the broach is something I hope to teach as a project, Its called pin charming, a special type of safety pin, those of you in the USA can get these more easily than the UK, the broach is titled Colours of Christmas:

Gold: reminds me of heaven, where there is no sin, death, sickness or tears.

Black :reminds me of sin.

Red: reminds me of the blood of Jesus, His death and Resurrection.

White: (clear crystal),because Jesus blood cleanses us of our sins and makes our hearts clean and pure.

Green: is new life when our hearts have Jesus and is filled with the Holy Spirit.

If I get to do the project it will be different to mine as I used swarovski crystals and wires, the other will just be the colour beads slipped onto the pin with me telling the guest about the colours while sharing the Gospel.

Here is a picture of my quilt I bought for £34 at Risby Barns, you wont be able to see the full size as it is a double quilt, so I plan on keeping it on the sofa for those cold evenings which are now coming up.