Monday, 19 September 2011

Socks and more

Hi everyone,
I hope you all had a good summer, if you can call it a summer. Boys are back to school,college and work now so Lily ( dog ) and I have the house to ourselves. I did not get to do much in the way of crafting over summer, but we did do was some gardening, decorating and fellowship. I have managed to knitt my self some socks, first time doing this. I've had an interview for a job but did not get it so its back to the grind of finding another one to apply for. Yuk. My friend Tracy and I went blackberry picking so I made 5 jars of jam, need to make so other types of jam soon, oh and already talking Christmas well just a little.

With the decorating which is still in progress my husband Julio bought me some Thomas Kinkade border to go in the dining room, alway wanted one of his borders in the house, mmm may have to do the living room too. Here are three pics, of most of what the border looks like, I printed these pics so has to make something else with not sure what as yet.

May have to retake once I know what to do, maybe blow one up for a wall picture.

So here I am with my new socks and waiting for pay day so I can buy some more yarn and needles to make cosy socks, if they turn out ok then some will be for Christmas gifts. It has taken about 2 weeks to get these done, better than watching DVDs we don't watch TV at the moment. There is a lovely wool shop in Bury St Edmunds on the Angel Hill, the shop reminds me of Debbie Macombers book A Good Yarn, that is what inspired me to knit again. I have read most of her books in the Cedar Cove Series, the local library stocks her books but you have to order has they are popular. The Good Yarn book comes from her Blossom Street Series, you can get a listing from the above link.

Craft group is back on at Brandon and Christchurch churches so I hope to see you at one of them, no projects being taught at the moment, I may teach one Christmas one, I want to spend more time doing my own craft work. See you all real soon.

Eunice xxx