Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Its been awhile

Hi everyone I hope you are enjoying your summer or winter depending where you live. Its been such a long time since I did any posting, work has kept me busy so I don't have enough time to craft but I do have some ideas for future projects to do. Will uploading pics soon.

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Hi all hope you are all doing well, its been a busy month with work and church but this month my Husband and I were able to go away for my birthday. London. So here are a few pics to share with you.

We went to see Shrek at the theatre.

This is a view from our window at the hotel, its St Pauls Cathedral, there was even a wedding there on Saturday.

This is me beside the Monument which is dedicated to the great fire of London.

My husband on a  Bridge.

Borough Market great place to visit, all kinds of food.

At the market where we had lunch, a little of everything.

Tower Bridge.

The Monument. There are some other pics to follow but they are on my husbands mobile, other places we visited was Covent Gardens and the London Dungeons.

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Well I know Christmas has been and gone but I finally got time to load some pics today. Work was busy busy. We managed to fit in some fellowship time with others, thankfully we went to their house as I worked some of the holidays in Christmas and New Year.

 We got a good tree with nice layers some of the decs we left off this year.
 Always like to have the Nativity out on display, the wise men are travelling on another shelf along with the shepherds.
 I made home made cookies this time, some were ok others will not be baked again, I made so many that I took a large tray to work which went down well with the young adults, Julio took a platter full to work also, here is my husband and youngest son helping with the decorating for a batch going to a friends house for fellowship.

 A nice pile of presents although the boys are at that age where they don't get so many, just expensive ones.
Well here is my big gift this year, a joint effort from my mum and the rest of the family, I needed a new sewing machine and this one does regular sewing as well as quilting, it came with all sorts of bit and bobs.