Friday, 20 March 2009

Scrap Pages

The boy's got one main gift, they noticed the amout of parcels are getting smaller, but they don't notice that it is getting more expensive. Julio got an accustic guitar, Ricky a DS Light and Reuben a mobile phone.
Julio got me this Nativity, we have always wanted one but could not find one we liked, I know have the 3 wise men, which I got in the sales, so you will have to wait till Christmas to see them, all I need know is a stable.

Trimmings, well I had a go at cooking an Jamie Oliver christmas dinner while having the flu, was not able to make it to church that morning, shame I do like the christmas service.

Ricky bought me a cook book, and I got an Ipod, earings and a necklace from my honey, Julio got a nice cardigan which are back in fashion. Plus we all had a few other things which I did not scrap, photo's of me looked terible with the cold.

I will show some of more of my other pages later.
No-one can eat at the table as I have taken over, I find it very hard to scrap with having mostly males in the house.

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