Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Candle and Scarf

I bought this candle today along side the one I got for a friend, this one is called "Be Thankful" as soon as I smelt it I thought of the American Thanksgiving and decided to get it. When I got to the checkout I got talking to the owner, she was telling me that she did not think the fragrance would have been a seller as we don't celebrate thanksgiving and that is what the candle was for, as it turns out it has been a big seller this month. And it smells good. I did over hear that she would not be getting any Halloween candles, as Yankee Candles does not think there is a market in Europe, praise God for that, I pray the candles shop owner gets blessed some other way. I get my candles from Buy the Light in the Cornhill Walk Shopping Centre in Bury St Edmunds, I hope some of you get to visit the store, they are great staff and excellent customer service, they also do a points card you get a stamp for every £10 you spend and when the card is full you can get some free candles or money off the big jar candles. Well worth the visit. I shall be going back in the next few months to get my Christmas candles.

This is a scarf that only took 2 days to do, its a pompom scarf and will be a gift for one of my family members, I am hoping to get some more wool to make more but Bury has none, apparently its hard to come by so I may have to order on line, the wool is very popular as it is the latest for this years scarf fashion.

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