Thursday, 19 November 2009

Christmas Banner

Here is a close up, I used a snowflake punch and mini gems for the centre, the letter I made from a sissiz die and my machine, if you don't have one you could use rub on's or buy precut letters from your craft store, even print from the PC. The edges are distessed with ink, I used a brown and red, trying to get the colour to match the print on the paper.

I used card and DP but I think I could have gotton away with just the double sided paper as its thick enough, I put some eylets in to put the ribbon on, 3 colours, red, green and white, the green and red are tied onto the white first then tie the white onto the brad. I did have the think as one whole long panel but later decided to seperate it, one of those personal choice type things

2to3 sheets of A4 card, + spare odd bits for snowflakes
1 12x12 DP, if using double sided strong paper you may not need the card
Ribbon, eyelets,gems, ink, snowflake punch, glue pen, double sided tape

Well I finaley finished one project for Christmas, this one I will be teaching this month at church, here is the link for the basic part of the project. On Tammy side menu (your left hand side)look for Stamp Simply Challenge click on that then look for Stamp Simply # 111 3 Panel Accordian, here you will get a link to Sharon for the 3 panel , also Tammy gives a link to her long panel version for a Thanksgiving version. This is where I got my idea from, there is alot you can do with these panels for differant occasions.

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