Wednesday, 24 March 2010


So here we have a couple of projects that I have been making for 2 of my boy's, this one is for my son who is doing catering. so far I only have 2 photos this one is the Christmas cake he made at college.

This one is for the oldest who went to Uganda last year, but I will have to re-order some pictures for his book as the ones I have are for a 12x12 lay out.

The travel book was started at the Crafty Women club and the project was taught by Annie Hafermann. I like scrapbooks more than cards, this year I intend to catch up on scrapbooking,
and to get back to quilting.

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brenda said...

Hi Eunice

Glad to see that Tila is getting in on the action and a very nice as well.

Was worth all the hunting her down wasnt it - not sure hubby will agree ?

B x