Friday, 10 December 2010

Getting ready for Christmas

Here is my Husband Julio checking the first tree he saw, " that looks good", so we purchased the first tree we came upon, I think Julio was too cold to look around, now if the boy's were with us it would have been a full investigation for the right tree, we opted for a smaller tree this year we like to get the Norwegian spruce as it has long needles that don't stick you when you decorate. We usually go for a 6ft but we was not sure if a 6ft would fit in the car. Maybe next year boy's.

Here is our tree going through the netting funnel, we like to buy our tree from Elveden, nice and fresh, there are little shops for gifts and a food hall for local produce, I got me some chutney for the cold meats.
So here is our tree resting before decorating, Julio trimmed the trunk like you do for flowers, we let it rest for 2 days that way the branches could settle down. We had to put the tree on a platform as it was a bit short.
Here is this years new decoration, I like the little Nativity on the C, at the top of each letter sits a tea light candle. We also bought some new candle holders and the Yankee Candle Home Jar.
There ya go all done up and lighted with my Thomas Kinkade village underneath, still looking for a train to go around the tree, but not TK one. We did not put all our ornaments on just some of the nicer ones.
I think I should have took a close up of some of the ornaments. Maybe on the next post. See you all later.

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suezie said...

So nice that you're sharing a family tradition with your tree Eunice. Might have to check out Elvedon next year. Putting up mom's white porcelain nativity this year and nothing else as we're of to Jessy's but maybe next year? Your tree looks cute all ready and waiting for Santa!