Saturday, 19 February 2011

Market Bag

Here is a bag that I made today, it is part of a challenge that I found over at . The challenge is to make something for Christmas, here is the link The challenge is on the 3rd Monday of each month, I believe the next one is this Monday. There are no instructions on how to make the bag, you have to google market bag patterns.
So here is my first try. I had this Christmas fabric in my box of fabrics, and I just about had enough to make one. The instructions I found requires 1 yard of print and 1 yard of plain fabric, with that you can make 2 bags. I have some more fabric but just need to buy some liner to match.
This fabric was great as it did not have a right way design and it had a patchwork feel to it.
The bottom is not reinforced but the instructions said you could use interfacing to strengthen it.
As I was pleased of how the bag turned out I will have to make some more.

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