Friday, 22 April 2011

Kath Kidston Bag and Cupcakes

In an older post I showed you my new book for sewing. The book came with a project, which is this bag that I have finished.
The bag is not as big as I expected, it's just enough to put your basics in or lunch. It will be awhile before I can do any more sewing as my machine has broken and I need a new one. I have found one I like but I think that will have to go on my Christmas wish list.
Yesterday I made cupcakes to take to church tonight, we have a guest speaker coming, Terry Law, he will be at our church tonight at 7pm if your interested in coming.

The cupcakes are Mint Chocolate Chip with mint flavour frosting and a few choc chips on top, I also coloured the frosting a light mint green. They taste great, made a few extra for the weekend.

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suezie said...

The bag might be smaller than you thought Eunice but it's really pretty - turned out cute! Would it make a bible bag? Bet everyone would want one LOL! Cupcakes look yummy! Blessings