Saturday, 2 April 2011

Nan's Visit

My husband and I had a nice visit with my Gran and my Mum, they loved their Mothers Day gifts. We surprised my Nan as she was not expecting us, she got caught fast asleep while knitting a baby coat and watching TV, Nan knits baby blankets and clothes to send off to Africa. Doing something with her hand keeps her mind working she is 91 years old and still sharp as ever. In this photo she is wearing the broach that I made for, I know she will keep it as I have noticed other things that I have made for her are around her flat.

I like this picture and made it black and white, just wish I was slimmer.


suezie said...

Wow! Your Nan looks great for her age - if only we could all age so gracefully. The brooch looks really pretty too - colours were perfect. Blessings

Dawn said...

Oh, my goodness! Your post and pics just made my day. So incredibly lovely.... & you did a beautiful job on the fabric flower!