Monday, 7 March 2011

Leaders Weekend Away

At the weekend my husband and I went away to a leaders retreat with out church. We stayed in a lovely place called the Mill House in Norfolk somewhere. We went Friday to Sunday morning,the picture below is our bedroom,There were lots of rooms in this place, which was great as there were 12 of us all together.
Below is some of the grounds with geese and swans.
Here is a few of the mill, it is not longer used, the owner is in his 80s and no longer able to do the up keep of the mill. The whiter part of the picture is a newer house where I believe the owner lives.
Another view of the mill.
This is the old house, it is long rather than wide. The owner was born in this house, inside there are photos of him as young lad, and other family members in the hay day of this mill.

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